Leadership development, organizational empowerment and cultural appreciation are mainstays of the management consulting industry because they are in high demand.  

What has become a more urgent imperative for leaders, particularly with the introduction of technology, is how to instill a sense of urgency in a “stagnant” culture, while remaining agile and responsive to the markets they serve, and sensitive to employees' work-life balance.

Over the past fifteen years, The Russell Consulting Group has perfected a technology to revive cultures, increase productivity, accountability and employee satisfaction for clients in the healthcare market within the first three - six months of its use.

We are delighted to extend our unique ideas and approach in these three areas beyond our client walls to a broader audience through The Russell Consulting Group’s blog posts.

At the core of everything we do is our unwavering belief that "people are more powerful than they give themselves credit for” so be prepared for posts that cover topics, such as, “The Habits of Mind of Authentic Leadership”; “Diversity & Cultural Competence: Is there a difference?”; “Forgiveness: Letting go of resentments”; and “Accountability: Perception or Reality."

Of course, when individuals reclaim and embrace their power, operating within the same traditional human resource structure becomes outdated quickly because it no longer supports the innovative and creative spirit of the culture. Posts addressing  innovative human resource practices will also be shared.

Our job at The Russell Consulting Group is to approach every coaching interaction, leadership discussion, and seminar delivery from a mindset of possibility, focused on the client’s (leaders and employees) experience. 

We believe we have a stake in our client’s future so we partner with them to create a culture where both parties can come together to use their collective talents to ensure their organization is profitable and an exciting place to work.

It is with this same philosophy that we will approach our blog posts. We look forward to sharing our ideas and receiving your comments and questions.  We hope you visit often. to ask questions; comment; learn; and read about these topics.


*Photography courtesy of  Keenan Newman  © 2015